UPSC NDA 2 Syllabus 2023

UPSC NDA 2 Syllabus 2023: For the recruitment of NDA & NA 2 Exam 2023, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has issued an online application form invitation. Candidates who are interested in the following UPSC NDA 2 Recruitment 2023 Notification and meet the necessary eligibility requirements should apply. You may read the complete announcement and the UPSC NDA 2 Syllabus 2023 pdf at

UPSC NDA 2 Syllabus 2023

Mathematics (Code No. 01) Paper 1: Maximum Marks – 300


  • Set theory, set operations, and Venn diagrams. De Morgan laws, relation, and the Cartesian product of equivalence. actual numbers represented on a line. Basic characteristics, modulus, argument, and cube roots of unity of complex numbers. Binary number system.
  • conversion of a number between the binary and decimal systems. progressions in geometry, harmony, and arithmetic. real-coefficient quadratic equations. graph-based solutions to two-variable linear equations. Combination and Permutation. The binomial theorem and its uses. Applications for logarithms.

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